2014 Launches

Watch my video on the June Launch of 7 Levels

Meet Beverly Carter, our new JV Relationship Manager and hear about the June launch and possibility of winning underwear (and other better stuff) in our partner contest for leads AND sales.

(psst, we will also be announcing a year-long launch sales contest that will culminate in a top 20 partner JV Mastermind with a secret co-host…)

Here is our upcoming calendar and watch for more details next week. We have totally updated the messaging and all the content in both videos and webinar and can’t wait to see how it converts!

June: 7 Levels Of Wealth Manifestation – June 10th/18th – $297 price point/50% commission

  • partners can mail anytime June 10th to June 18th because our webinar is on the 19th
  • first mailing is to opt in for a content video that is packed with content and experiential good stuff….and offer the webinar too!
  • when they opt in they get an immediate bonus video and a download of a self-assessment
  • mail before the 14/15th and your opt in’s will get our additional powerful content video on Monday the 16th
  • you can also mail separately to an opt in page for that additional content video
  • you can mail to the replays after the live premier and to the cart close “last chance” the week of the 24th up to the first live  Q&A call
  • Margaret starts a series of live Q&A calls on Friday June 27th which helps to really push people to buy for the cart close

Second launch for 7 Levels in October, see below for dates.

WANT TO SEE THE PAGES? We are still split testing but these are current pages!

Opt in

Watch content video

Thank you page (with bonus video on charisma)

Second Opt in (for additional content video)

Second content video

Here is more on our calendar:

August: Tapping Into Wealth Coaches Program – August 11th – 29th $2997 w 40% commission (that’s $1198 to you..this will be a rocking launch because the case studies are killer!)

September 8th: Tapping Into Wealth Book Launch (Free book w $5.95 S&H)  - $97 upsell w 50% commission + positioned for private 7-Levels launch 21 days later

October: 7 Levels Of Wealth Manifestation – October 14th/22nd – $297 price point/50% commission

December: Stand Out Like a Rock Star – December 2nd/11th – $997 price point w 50% commission