2016 – What’s Happening &
Commission Opportunities

INTRODUCING  – Brand New High-Converting
Evergreen Training. . .

New Opportunity…Subscribers Buying like Crazy…
Mail ANYTIME – Stats Below!

With the help of some top-level marketing consultants, my team and I have built our first evergreen funnel, which offers a free training that features a special offer for my best-selling, one of a kind personal development program Powerful, Passionate and Fabulous.

We tested the promo with a few top partners this fall and the free training, “The Secret to a Powerful, Charismatic Presence” went over extremely well with our most aligned partners!

Here are the details in case it’s an incredible fit for your audience!

The Stats:

  • Opt-in Page Conversion: 54%
  • Webinar Sales Conversion: 6.7%
  • EPC: (Average) $5.75

Highlights From the Training:

  • I reveal the 3 things you must do to unleash authentic power and charisma (because it can’t be figured out or “learned” by your thinking mind)
  • I teach the 6 unusual characteristics of highly charismatic, influential people
  • I show the audience how they can experience a shift into the power, ALIVENESS, fearlessness of their most influential chakra

Who This is For:

  • Anyone seeking to FEEL more in their life
  • But more specifically… those interested in personal development work, the chakras, and also those seeking to make a bigger impact in their work by being more compelling and captivating, like coaches, therapists, experts and speakers
  • This is my avatar program and is most popular with women entrepreneurs looking to stand more fully in their power

Why People Are Buying Like Crazy:

  • Gets to the root of a common, widespread problem (feeling lukewarm about life instead of RED-HOT! The feeling that “something’s missing” and that you’re always waiting to feel MORE from life–more joy, more passion, more energy)
  • Nobody else teaches this pathway to more power–and it WORKS
  • It’s already one of my best-selling programs, but at almost half-off, people can’t resist!
  • I give over $600 in bonuses alone-including a free ticket to my annual live event

Mailing Details:

Because this is an evergreen training, you can mail/send traffic to the registration page anytime you want!

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to offer this value-rich FREE training to your audience!

To get started, simply email my JV Manager Beverly@margaretmlynch.com or call her at (508) 226-1841 and she can set you up with swipe copy and affiliate links right away!


We’re putting the final touches on another evergreen funnel (for a brand new program called the Tapping Into Wealth Transformation, designed to walk people through clearing their biggest blocks to creating REAL and lasting wealth.

We’ve run this as a live class to our list with great success, and will be sending some more test traffic in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for details on another cool and easy commission opportunity!