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Tapping Into Wealth
Coach Training Certification Program
Personal note from Margaret:
Launching . . .
August 15, 2016
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About the launch:

  • Jeff Walker-style launch, with 3 amazing, jam-packed content videos, webinar cart-open and multiple opportunities to mail beginning on August 15
  • All about teaching new and aspiring coaches how to earn well from DAY ONE, where coaching-with-confidence truly comes from, how to get REAL results with clients and make a living doing work they LOVE
  • This is our highest affiliate payout of $1,000/sale – you will be ROLLING in commissions!
  • The social proof is out-of this world and testimonials and case studies are numerous and central to our marketing!

Content Mailing Dates:
Video 1- Monday, August 15
Video 2- Thursday, August 18
Video 3- Monday, August 22
ALL-Access Page – Thursday, August 25

WHY you should mail as much as possible:

  • We will send custom, done-for-you swipes for EACH content release date
  • Your subscribers will BENEFIT from this material & they are getting A LOT – it’s a free training with literally some of my best stuff!
  • The more often you mail and the more traffic you generate, the more commission you’ll earn…and the more well-paid, FULFILLED transformational coaches we send out to heal the world!!!!

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Highlights from Last Launch

A recap of the January 2016 launch of my Tapping Into Wealth Coach Certification Training Program…

Milestones to celebrate:

  • We crushed our goal of half a million!
  • We’ve dialed in HOW we do partner launches (for a smoother, better experience for all)
  • Through surveying our list, gained so much clarity on my coaching audience


  • Opt-in Pages Converted at: 39.4%
  • Partner EPC: $6.10
  • We welcomed a record of nearly 90 new TIW coaches to our community through this launch! (So COOL!!!)

THANK YOU for helping make this the single highest grossing launch we’ve ever done!

TIWC Program Details

Tapping Into Wealth  is on a Mission

There is an EPIDEMIC of talented, heartfelt coaches not earning enough money and that is exactly what my coach certification program sets out to fix!

Based on my book Tapping Into Wealth, this program was created to give coaches of ALL levels a TWO-FOLD foundation to their business: to teach them my own, one-of-a-kind processes to facilitate incredible wealth transformation in themselves AND others, as well as provide them with a consistent and thriving coaching income (without working and earning session to session!)

Among my currently certified coaches, it’s become widely known as “a business in a box!”

The program is specifically designed to prepare coaches to EARN as soon as they go through the first module. The in-depth training in my signature processes, combined with the content-rich marketing toolkit and exact, word-for-word scripting in how to have the highest impact with clients (and prospective clients), completely prepares coaches to pay for their investment – before the training even ends.

IN FACT, it is the ONLY one that I know of which GUARANTEES it.

TIWC is also now accredited as a Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Program by the International Coach Federation (ICF)!

A very small percentage of coach training programs have actually been accredited by the ICF, which is the world’s leading source for professional coaching support and has set the standard for coaching with their Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.

Being accredited shows people right up front the rigor of training that exists within this program. It means there’s a high level of accountability and proof that the program works.

Basically, an outside, objective, credentialing-body has said this program is not only good enough to give Continuing Education credits (33 of them to be exact!) to ICF Certified Coaches, but they’re also putting it in their catalogs!

Another thing that makes this program even more unique and desirable is that it’s one of the very few tapping programs accredited by the ICF!

Program Specifics

  • This is THE program for aspiring, new AND established coaches (Gives coaches of ALL levels a solid foundation for their business)
  • It runs for 8 months (with an extra month for trainees to complete the coaching exam) and promises to deliver return-on-investment before the training even ends
  • Biggest focal point of this program: prepping coaches to earn immediately with our incredible marketing package
  • Most coaches are paying for the investment before the program is over because of the world class talks we give them and the “problem/solution” language to book clients into high ticket programs
  • Testimonials are central to our marketing. They’re numerous, powerful, and ever-growing!
  • Professional Proof: This program is now accredited by the International Coach Federation with their seal of approval, adding even more weight and appeal to coaches
  • To see the full program offer and just a handful of our testimonials, please see the sales page: www.tappingintowealth.com/join

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